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Monday, March 24, 2003  

Shock Horror! Mild Controversy at the Oscars!

I'm almost loath to write this, because what kind of idiot sits up until gone 4am, with work the next day, to watch something as banal as the Oscar ceremony? Whatever.

Two things:

  • I was pleased to see Michael Moore's standing ovation as he approached the stage to collect for Bowling for Columbine. It's a shame Charlton Heston wasn't there. After the warm reception, I was surprised by the loud booing (and more stony grins from the celebs) once he started his entirely expected tirade. Maybe Heston was there, boo-leading from the back.
  • By the time the foreign language film came around I was sitting at the PC with the telly turned up in the other room (well, you can't just sit there in front of that crap), but, although I wasn't paying full attention, I got the distinct impression it was handled in the most patronising way. Something along the lines of "Isn't it nice of these people to go to all that trouble to add a bit of variety, by making films with subtitles for us?" Considering how outlandishly flattering they normally are, this sounded like a restaurant reviewer remembering to mention the table decorations. Then, when the presenter opened the envelope, she said "And the Oscar goes to [fumble, break seal, open flap, pull out card, dramatic pause] Germany!" When did this become the Eurovision Film Contest?

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