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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

How Stupid Does He Think The Voters Are?

I've read reports suggesting that the Bush administration will play up the terrorist threat between now and the election, believing that voters' fear will cause them to back him in the "War on Terror". The reports hinted that the current high alert about potential targets in Washington and New York was conveniently timed to follow immediately after the Democratic Convention.

I'm a bit puzzled by this. A few weeks back, when the shit hit the fan about the lack of WMDs in Iraq and the intelligence fiasco that led to the invasion, Bush went on a mini tour making a speech along the lines of "Well, we may have got it wrong about the WMDs and therefore started an illegal pre-emptive war on foreign territory for no reason (OK he didn't actually use those words), but one thing I can say for certain is that, thanks to the riddance of Saddam Hussein, our country is a safer place to live." (cheers)

Two things:
  1. He claims success in making the US safer, whilst urging people to vote for him because the country's not safe.
  2. He puts most of his effort into going after someone who turns out not to be a domestic threat, allowing the real threat (Al Qaeda) the breathing space to regroup (and recruit from a whole new pool of US-haters) and plan new assaults on his homeland.
He seems to be relying on his compatriots being so dumb as to think that a towel-head's a towel-head, and so long as you're killing towel-heads "out there" there's less chance of being killed by one "back here".

Of course the alternative view is that Bush knows full well there's no connection between Saddam and Al Qaeda, but he invented one to justify finishing Daddy's job. Logically, he would also know that this would result directly in more terrorist attacks at home from a refreshed and replenished Al Qaeda, thus bolstering his position as the Great Protector In The Face Of Evil Invaders. I prefer to think that he's not that clever.

So, can somebody politely point out to the US voters that Bush thinks they're as dumb as he is?

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